Thoughts about comments

What is the purpose of making comments?

We don’t take the commenting system to be a way of conveying our rating of a story or a poem.

In the context of Poetic Republic commenting is a communication between the reader and the author (that potentially will be shared with the wider community of participants and the public).

We take the purpose of making “comments” to include:

In Poetic Republic anthologies we publish comments along with the poems and short stories. This is to document how we have reacted to a piece of writing and what we value in a piece of writing. We wouldn’t normally publish “advice” to the author.

Guidance on making comments

The event comprises a group of people taking part in good faith.

The value of a story or a poem is the responsibility of the author of the story or the poem. The value of a comment is the responsibility of the author of the comment.

We ask that comments be respectful and constructive.