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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Merlin in A Storm, Geneva

by Duncan McGibbon

The wind grew quickly that afternoon,
seething a summer storm, with the doors
and windows banging about, policing my flat.

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Meds Meds

by Duncan Parkes

Seroxat, Lithium, Sulphride and Lustrul
Anafranil, Benalafaxine prozac and Listril
Come on, it's only a pill.
It will make you big and strong

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by Eden Falk

There is a gathering dust at the end of the light
A curl of dirt is caught in the air
Like a hurricane, without the wind to force it
Into the strength that it wishes to whisper

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Credit Crunch!

by Elaine Whybro

Had your fill of porridge oats,
crunchy nuts, jam on toast?
There's a new taste to be found
rather costly pound for pound.

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by Elaine Whybro

Do you cease
or do you fire?
Which is it to be?
Do you pull the trigger

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by Elaine Whybro

And now we breathe a sigh of relief,
gone is the charlatan, gone is the thief
of votes and lives
and hopes and dreams,

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Heart's Warning

by Emily Williamson

If pain be the warning from body to mind,
To desist what will damage,
Why not do we listen to the pain of our hearts?
Warning the mind that love does wound.

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by Faith Hadley

He pictured her eyes tinted by moonlight,
his heart racing like a charging horse,
he draws his saber to protect his queen,
knight to king four.

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Thirteenth Birthday

by Francesca McMahon

She bought a dead man’s cardigan,
unpicked the work and smoothed
the creased yarn into balls the size
of oranges. This was her secret.

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Love For Life

by Gabrielle Lockwood

Before us today, united you stand,
Looking forward together, hand gripped in hand.
This is the moment, you’ve both chosen your direction,
A soul mate on whom to pour your affection.

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