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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Moments Slip Away

by Joanne O'Neill

Watching the moment slip away
Losing the ground from underneath
You're stuck in this place now
Between how it is and how it should be

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My lonely place

by John Daley

I lay herein my lonely place
I close my eyes my fingers trace
I see a picture in my head
offering feelings long thought dead

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The matriarch

by John Rowe

The Matriarch

Slipping in the rain
Is the soaking ache

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just a note

by joseph morones

A man writes an anonymous note, just a note, full of hope and a dream, to a woman he's hurt in hopes of redeem.
With anticipation he waits to see things unfold,waiting to hear"how clever how bold".
What is this in such a curious place ,she finds a paper with words but no face.
Is this an answer to a long lonely prayer,will he save me from my hearts dispair.

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If I Could Make A Monster -

by Joshua Brooks

If I could make a monster,
I'd have -A large fat nose to pick up every scent
With big googly eyes to see where you went
With rough ugly skin the colour of mud

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Looking in

by julie rose clark

I look at the coffin and I don't see you
I look for love in the pub after and don't find any
I look in the hearts of others
I look inside my own heart

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by June Okochi

It strikes me as a beautiful night
The silence, the moon and stars
The peace and calm which lingers
I ponder in my heart

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by June Okochi

Absence to those who love is death
It diminishes little passions
To exceed greater ones

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All Consuming Sun

by justin reeder

Pulsing rays of wondrous power,
Every cell inside me flower,
Nerve to fibre roar and shudder,
Supreme sensation like no other.

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How Beatrice Became A Lobelia

by Karenne Griffin

Her parents were heartbroken when their baby girl was born
To see a mark upon her face sure to result in scorn
A port wine stain which fell across one eye just like a mask
The doctor said to remove it would be far too great a task

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