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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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I Know a Field ~ Ode to a Deminer

by Tim Dixon

I know a field,
Where Sunflowers used to grow,
Yellow replaced by crimson,
Poppies in the wind do blow.

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The Cedar Forest.

by Tim Ellis

"Me I do not like religion," admits Mohammed.
Sunlight haloes his beard and short black hair.
There's pretty endemic flowers of the Middle Atlas
arrayed around his feet. We eat our snacks and stare

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Here Nosegays got dragged on by dishevelled spivs
While intrigued historians observed how one lived

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by Timothy Ridley

What is freedom if we are to be FREE, are we trapped in a shell yet free to see what we SEE,

Is this freedom or a stage to live out our ROLE, to play our part in the human race to adjust to what we are TOLD,

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by Ting Hway Wong

I was buying a dress
Nice colour Good cut
Embroidered detail but not too much
The salesman found my size

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Bicycles and Violins

by Ting Hway Wong

They always say
- "Doing such and such
is like riding a bicycle.
Once you know how to,

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Still Life

by Ting Hway Wong

In a Parisian museum,
a goddess sits
(or stands?)
on her pedestal

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The insignificant things

by Victoria Rose Poolman

For that man there,
It was the stray animals on the streets.
He complained that people shouldn't turf them out:
They can't compete with the street gangs,

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Harmony and Hope

by Vivien Hampshire

He winks at me, I smile, we make a wish,
Then peer together through the microscope
At tiny cells like frogspawn in a dish.

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Conflict Resolution

by William Robinson

I heard someone say
in the street,
the other day that it was

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