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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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The Wake

by Anthony Watts

In Adelaide, the ashes of a man
Pass for what he was. In Somerset,
A few friends gather round a fire
In a fold of the Brendon Hills. After the storm

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The Brave One

by April Williams

The Brave One
April Williams

Into me I see the troubles from within

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by Aranee Manoharan

I don't like coffee. It's too bitter.
But I buy it sometimes in the summer.
The cold kind.
The one that comes in the clear plastic cup,

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Painting History

by Barbara Smith

The Hall of Mirrors prepared for signature of the Versailles Peace Treaty on 28 June 1919 by Leopold Delbeke

I never imagined that painting to be a footnote
underscoring history – it was an afterthought.

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by Barbara Thomas


In a brilliant white room
Stands a white piano

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Sudden Yellow Clouds

by Belinda Farrell

Recapture a day when
summer brushed our skin
golden, when the sky
bloomed a brief, intellectual blue.

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Long distance

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Still for you this nameless feeling
Makes a fool of my intelligence
For I am unable to comprehend

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Not Cliché

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Love, more then emotion
It's description overly used being abused
Yet it's true meaning remains
Eternal & long suffering

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What It's Not

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

It's not a feeling it's an ache
So intense at times it becomes a pain
Stripping me of the ability to be selfish
I become selfless, thinking of you first, always

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My Grandfather

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Tears shed, his presence missed
Yet mingled with joyful streams
A life bursting, every moment experienced
Well beyond his three score and ten

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