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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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A Young Man In Quandary

by Donald Futers


Down night-time supermarket aisles
He trod, but found not that he sought

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All's fair in love and war

by duncan jones

If all is fair in love and war
Do poets and generals know the score?

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Merlin in A Storm, Geneva

by Duncan McGibbon

The wind grew quickly that afternoon,
seething a summer storm, with the doors
and windows banging about, policing my flat.

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Meds Meds

by Duncan Parkes

Seroxat, Lithium, Sulphride and Lustrul
Anafranil, Benalafaxine prozac and Listril
Come on, it's only a pill.
It will make you big and strong

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