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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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The Angel of The North West

by Jack Baker

Her arms and legs are all fake tanned
but her arse is pale,
she only tans the bits she intends to show off
for a modern day love tale, and yet her northern sarcasms still

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by Jack Weller

In my crystal youth it tried to tame,
Those blueeyes which could not see,
Zealous men and tepid smiles,
Showed me its monotony,

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Failure's Drone

by Jack Weller

O'Leech how is it that you drain?
With such inanity from my brain,
No mental ponder nor caprice-
hath space to stroll alone in my own sphere; at least,

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by jackie kelly

Young man fidgets,touches his clammy forehead
restless, anxious, he slides out of bed
dressesquickly, on with his shirt,
rooms in a mess, he ignores the dirt

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Walk On

by Jake Barlow

Come on soldier,
Get up,wake up
I wont lose you,
I listen and walk

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break, cry, Wake, Fly

by James Newman

Does it matter that tomorrow will be no different from today.
Does it matter that i say it won't, then concede in every way.

Does it matter that i climb mountains, then wake upon the floor.

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Hush, my child,
Heaven waits.
Only our Lord decides our fates.
Hold my hand - but not too tight!

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by Janet Turner

You believe in God, so you tell me,
One loving, omnipotent power
Who formed the earth and the great, wide sea,
Every animal, insect and flower.

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by Janmejoy Gupta

The memories still remain,
Of the river in its
Serpentine bent,

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Baby Hollingsworth

by Jayne Hollingsworth

I never even met you or held
you in my arms,
We didnt have a name for you or
know what you looked like

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