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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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How Beatrice Became A Lobelia

by Karenne Griffin

Her parents were heartbroken when their baby girl was born
To see a mark upon her face sure to result in scorn
A port wine stain which fell across one eye just like a mask
The doctor said to remove it would be far too great a task

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He Is Veg Patch

by Kate Tym

He's the veg patch
I'm the herbs
He's the lawn
I'm the pots

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Mourning Chorus

by Katherine Wood

They lit the night, set the sky ablaze
tossed myrrh upon the fires of our distress;
soothed wounds pink flesh ne'er licked clean
ripped open and charred, new-black,

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Haiku 1

by Kathryn Nixon

Are there hedgehogs
in the wooden box? Do not look
for fear they leave.

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OCD Switch

by Kathryn Nixon

This woman always switches on my OCD
She is a weekly reminder that I am not well
The air is a fug with her smoke
Her house never cleaned

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Off-key (A song of wasted dreams)

by Kelly Beighton

Screen staring back,
One eye all a-glow.
Urging words that are not there,
or do not wish to flow.

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Hartley and the Garden Gnome

by Kevin Wood

“Can gnomes move?” he wonders, “What use are gnomes?” he ponders. He rushes at it; knocks it over, He sniffs at it; runs for cover! A glow of light in the shrubbery, Your average cat all blubbery. But Hartley’s in command, goes to look! Gnome’s lamp is lit; that’s not in the book! “How does he switch it on?” thinks Hartley, Sniffs all around it; jumps back smartly. The lamp glows brightly; goes out at daybreak, “Broken gnome”; Hartley gives it a gentle shake.

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I have told you again, Hope is the peace of many.
But we,
With trembling hands, will mould silent statues,

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