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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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After the Fire

by Michelle Kiselbach

I am a dormant ember
crying in the ash.
Once a lively piece of
timber, now scorched

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Expressions on the Barmaid at The Folies-Bergere

by Mike Dennis

Whenever I look
Upon this picture
I find myself drawn
To her face.

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by Mike Stone

Where next - Chad, Iraq, Gaza? I'm wearing out. Afghanistan was particularly tough. I returned to work shattered and broken. Each minute there is something new. I write about it. I hardly stop. Lebanon was busy. I was sharp. Went to a protest and was nearly taken home by a police officer. That night I wrote about the deterioration of our civil liberties. I'm strong and in a minority. The majority are used by the literate ones. Don't tread on me. I am blunt. Gaza again. I hope I'm not lost in the rubble. The tears of children always prevent me from working properly. That was the case in Cambodia where many pages were written. I leave on Thursday. I'm immune to emotion;just a pencil. I never stop working.

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