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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Discover yourself

by Saiful Chowdhury

Discover yourself, who you are?
What is your goal, what is the purpose?
Let's display the screen of real life,
Figure out all your worst situations.

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And Tomorrow

by Samantha Dixon

Eyes stained with tears,
Heart ful of sorrow,
Filled with anger and pain,

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Tales from plafrom A

by Samleigh Jeffrey

Chewing gum stuck to my souls
Why walking alone
Past long lost souls
Beginning, middle, end

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When We Became One

by Sara Syed

I stood there dazed, as I could not believe
it all seemed like a dream until the touch of his tender lips
knocked my breath away.

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by sarah calpin

Tired and cold
I stagger through life
Like a thoughtless zombie

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by Sarah Derrick

The mist cloaked nothing
but it hid a lot
Morning details huddled
from its cold damp touch

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Waking Nightmare

by Sarah Derrick

There's a dark place I go to finally feel safe The dark place holds nightmares
Screwing my body up as small as can be
I hide, in the pit of someone's arm or deep Imagined , whether I'm alone or not
Beneath the sheets tangled around her hips.

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I dreamed that poetry was beer

by Sarah Willans

sharp and clear, biting my tongue
with its chill, the prick of its
fizz and pop. And when
the bitter sweetness of malt and hop

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Own Means

by Saul Sherry

Licking the grimy salt shadows
from his fingerprints
You dart out, faux-hippy
tripping on your on-trend benefactor's budget

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Dead Eyes

by Seamus Kelly

Children’s faces stare Blank and calm Children’s small hands Raise Kalashnikovs Children's thin fingers Squeeze their triggers Flying hot metal Rips flesh Breaks bones
Gunfire drowns out the screaming Hatred drowns out the screaming Closed minds drown out the screaming Death drowns out the screaming
Smoke curls and drifts Dust and ash settle Dead eyes stare The dead eyes ask Why?
Children’s small hands Lower Kalashnikovs Rub sweat from their eyes Eyes that can’t cry Eyes that have seen Too much Eyes that have No answers Eyes that see No questions And the dead eyes ask Why?

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