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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Never Forget

by Simon Greene

"I saw so and so the other day."
"Who?" Feigned interest.
Does that name ring a bell?
"You know, what's his name's mother."

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Reine de Ciel

by Simone Rogers

This orange disc

Leaking over

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i hope you see

by sinead burke

A head filled with nothingness
Nothing overwelmed with everything
A moment of misunderstandin
A life time of confusion

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by Siobhan Coleman

What a magnificent smile
All teeth
Utterly luminous –
A shark.

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Brighton 9.12.06

by Siobhan Coleman

In Brighton
You threw us
Deep, down
Into the drink.

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by Sonera Tayub

it is but a short lived emotion;
rambling and tumbling along-
heedless of all worldly worries. Simply

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by sophie king

Standing at the crossroads at dawn
Sun straining to melt tiny droplets
Of nightime tears

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Stand in the Rain

by Stanley Millar

The house is warm and the flame is strong
But safe in this shelter I don't always belong
Put your hand in the fire and you'll feel the pain
I go into the night and stand in the rain

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I Saw The Honest Man Surrender

by Stephen Cunniffe

Grey and Listless, he drew extended breath,
Now unburdened by measured time,
His features sunk in heavy motions,
His movements laboured alone.

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Knife crime 2.09

by Steve Brodie

I'ts coming. I can feel it's coming.
All the way right up to the hilt.
Right up to the fist with just one blow.
And now it's here, with all the mercy of a lynch mob.

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