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About 80% of the participants in the 2009 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by Tammy O'Malley

What am I?

Well, let me see...

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Who Is My Daddy?

by Tanya Bainbridge

My name is Cody, with Noonan Syndrome
and I am fourteen you see.
I have many things going on,
everything is difficult for me.

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Just like that

by Tatum Dunn

There was justno way of knowing by the way she walked
That she would die today
I could have told her not to go to work
She could have run naked down Brighton Pier instead

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To Make Myself a Perfect Form

by Terri Metcalfe

To make my self a perfect form, in your eyes,
I would give you mine,
And you could see my world, with you in it.
You'd know how sometimes I look straight into the Sun,

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Blood Ties

by Terri Metcalfe

That day on the fell, after my legs had long pedalled out
And only the promise of one more hill kept me pub-bound,
I learned we were finally alike,
Five miles up, and so much air but not enough to breathe,

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Pulling up Deadwood

by Terri Metcalfe

I'm pulling up deadwood,
I think of you: how you stand in your rooted protest,
Yet fall serenely like lily pollen,
Stubborn, staining and beautiful,

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The Common Restless Visionary

by Thomas Haley

Your latest and
Your greatest plan
Lays cooling on the sill
Prey to sticky fingers

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Should Be Spring

by Thomas Horton

Wee snowflakes linger like diamonds on daffodils
Each one a miracle forged by the hands of God’s tiniest minions
At play in the bleary clouds

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I Know a Field ~ Ode to a Deminer

by Tim Dixon

I know a field,
Where Sunflowers used to grow,
Yellow replaced by crimson,
Poppies in the wind do blow.

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The Cedar Forest.

by Tim Ellis

"Me I do not like religion," admits Mohammed.
Sunlight haloes his beard and short black hair.
There's pretty endemic flowers of the Middle Atlas
arrayed around his feet. We eat our snacks and stare

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