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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by George Kwarteng

The umbilical cord that ever dragged me has finally been detached
Its music was distorted; had me on strings – dancing under hypnosis
Got my sense of real feeling blocked so I tasted the art of fear
Through the pipelines of the city – I choked on fumes and confusion

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by Grace Lo Porto

Why is it that, with words that heal the heart
We barely have enough to buy our bread?
It’s hard to even get the nerve to start—
“Novels pay better. Just do that instead.”

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Easter Sunday

by Graeme Lunn

Go and sit in the sun,” I said to my beautiful daughter.
“‘C’ is for dog,” she said as she read
The alphabet book that I’d bought her.
“‘C’ is for cat,” I replied

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The Sugar and the Candy

by Grant Ivison-Lane

A killer of voice,
And pride.
I can give you energy,
I can give you comfort.

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The Credit Crunch

by Hannah Juby

At ten fifteen in the morning
a man washes up.
He wears a white tracksuit
with two black stripes

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Labour of Love

by Hannah Persaud

My blood my tattered privacy on the floor, an eruption
Of me. Bursting through my torn body which tearlessly wept
Raped by the tools which saved us. You came
Reluctantly, silently

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My Love

by Hannah Persaud

Farewell, the scorching hours of light that left
this charcoal skin, the hollow shell of breath
my love, your grasp is firm as your love past,
you ask me not to look, and not to go

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by Hannah Persaud

I fell.
I explored the depth, the endless flesh of you
I opened myself, becoming two

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Such Sweet Sorrow

by Harry Englefield

Long after she had given him
Her last polo
She started to feel empty inside.
She realised that in that rounded, minty treat

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Lovers Old Clothes

by Heather Evans

Lovers long leap

From faith to folly

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