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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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When the junky goes clean

by Aaron Enos

I am the thing called repented
A sinner now saved
I reside in the belly of a whale
In here, there is something called peace

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Long Live the Queen!

by Adrian Williams

It is morning.

After turning every second to avoid the night
Sunlight drowns the images I tried to fight

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Healing Haiti

by Alex Frost

A low, rumbling silence,
The quiet after the storm,
Thunder sounds, and disappears.

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A Boy’s Own Song

by Alex Liberto

bathos of orgasm
is opus disrupted
music splintered
in spoils of war

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The Big Escape


This place. The stink, the grime.
The flock of dreamers.
The phoneys acting truly sublime.

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by alice-clementine Kamthunzi

Malcolm Little: Malcolm X…pronounced /’mælkəm ‘ɛks/…El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz…
Little meaning: small or short man; Malcolm meaning: devotee of Saint Columba.
No longer little; he’s an eX-smoker, eX-Christian, eX-drinker and eX-slave.
A devotee; of self-determination, religion and African Unity.

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The Street Tramp

by Alister Gray

After 20 hours of boozing and hitting the bottle,
he stands outside preaching as if Aristotle.
I wonder how long it’s been since he last washed,
he probably can’t remember he’s consistently sloshed.

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by Alister Gray

I've been to many countries, witnessed amazing things;
from koala bears to casino's and Asian kings.
Growing up in Edinburgh a bonnie wee lad,
dreaming about such things from my high-rise pad.

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A lonely heart

by Amanda Austen

Turning on the lights in the middle of the afternoon,

lighting the fire for warmth as cold creeps like shadows through the

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by Amber Agha

You sat at the bar in black


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