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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Children of the Estate

by Merlene Fawdry Pugh

of the council estate
grow resentful
in the shadow

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War Zone

by Michele Noble

Plastic bags, filled with jotters waiting to be marked
leaving red welts on fingers where the blood flow stops.
She stoops to pat the dog with numb hands as his claws clutch,
nylon ripping and skin scraped before she can cross the threshold of her home.

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The Spectator & The Victim

by Mike Dennis

The Spectator

I'm so sorry Reuben, you didn't deserve it
Tormented, abused, pushed to the edge

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The lost letter

by Mike Motrici

Somewhere in the corner in that room a little wooden box is left behind
No one do wanted, no one is taking!
Way? Way?
After a long time a little girl was playing around that house

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The Lost Letter

by Mike Motrici

Somewhere in the corner in that room a little wooden box is left behind
No one do want, no one is taking!
Way? Way?

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Broken Promises

by Moosa Shahid

They say we're born with recipes of disaster,
Gunshots were heard like evil laughter,
But you're your own, master and king,
So stop killing like you owe the devil a thing,

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by Mukhtar Tijani

Never too young to die
Yes, that's what they told me
I find it hard to show emotion
Yes, that's what the war did to me

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by Nathalie Friel

Flung out, pushed out, spat out,
To face the cold, unforgiving reality.
Without guided focus and direction,
Aimlessly attempting to form ties.

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No Longer Tied to a State of Mind

by Niamh Lynam

No longer tied to a state of mind

Trapped no more inside

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by Niccolò Matteucci

I don't care what you believe in
I don't hail to any king or queen
I don't believe in the original sin
it grows in the world we live in

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