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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by Bernard Mc Cabe

The tissued step
marks acceptance
to the crumbling sandcastles
of the other place.

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Never Surrender

by Beth Rees

@page { margin: 2cm }
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm }
-->Sometimes I think

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Read all about it

by Brenda Vallow

I have a friend, an old school friend;
Our letters, which we weekly send,
Are witty accounts of this and that -
From politics

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Grasping Shadows

by Brian Roberts

Wand‘ring ‘bout roamed Father Kelly
in the large cavernous belly
holding altars where were carried
bones of ancient heroes, buried.

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castration in three steps

by Brian David Hall

I have come to decapitate
and decimate
the decimal
the semicolon

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Bird Play.

by Brigid Simpson

We arrive after dark, and all night I wonder
about the constant noise, like the roar of a train.
At daybreak I look out of my window, and see.

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by Bronwyn Waller

Standing on the blaze of voices, she stitches on her smile
Protecting those fearful thoughts that skulk inside her mind
Concealing her tears, the channelling energy seeps to her hands
Anxious not to tell the truth; how could they understand?

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Forbidden Passion

by Bronwyn Waller

Both lye in the night, split by the wall of sin
The waves of tension shatter every stone
The islands collide by the touch of a hand
Neither feel alone

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Lilacs and Blood

by Callum Evans

Pale violet.
A beautiful colour, don’t you think?
Striking, symbolic and

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by Candi Martin

Perspiring to the empty beat of a club
Held together with Hennes.
You peer through designer lenses.

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