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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Lilacs and Blood

by Callum Evans

Pale violet.
A beautiful colour, don’t you think?
Striking, symbolic and

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by Candi Martin

Perspiring to the empty beat of a club
Held together with Hennes.
You peer through designer lenses.

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Janet Brown

by Caroline Hansen

On a polypropelene chair

In the Doctors’ surgery,

She was dancing in her dreams

As she waited to be called

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by Carroll Miles

Before the written word was around,
Mankind planted seeds in the ground.
Some flourished; some did not.
Weather also could destroy his crop.

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Where's Bin Laden?

by Cassandra dalton

Bin laden in Harrods, sipping tea with Fayed,
discussing our Will's, what a fine looking lad.
He's having a great time , he's enjoying the beer.
He's sent me a postcard wishing me here.

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A Day Called Yesterday

by Celia Topping

They sailed on the ice cold wintry wind
Across the seas from north, to the warmth of the south
They had a message for my ears to hear...

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by chang anthony

The words seem to rhyme
but will time
produce a sentence?
The wordsform from

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Out there somewhere

by chang anthony

I know you are
out there somewhere
gazing into the vast
endless firmament.

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Giant's dream

by chang anthony

We all live in a giant's dream,
hear his cries all night
wait for the sunbeam
to put us out of sight.

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To You

by Charles Clive


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