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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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I Think You Sing

by Karen Alexander

Here we shared the slips and reels of earnest conversation
An interweaving counterpoint of dialogue
Wherein I bled the truth of loving
Heart’s secrets shed

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What Comes Next?

by Kathryn Nixon

People ruling peoples
People shunning people
People owning people

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Learning to grow

by kathy cakebread

When a person is born,
They must find their way,
Growing and changing on this earthly stay,
Different ideas, dreams and motivations,

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by Kathy Greethurst

I go to the weir when the sluices are open
to listen to the white water roar.

In its dark,

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Love is Darkness

by Keith Davison

When the eclipse comes
I am the wrong side of the sun
too far to stop you bearing arms
too dark to make you see

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You Lied Again

by Keith Fryup

I’m lost for words, I can’t explain, you say you love me but You Lied Again,
Were getting on, no reason to shout, feeling happy, until the truth comes out,
Suspicious mind, wanting to believe, hoping for stability but expecting to grieve,
Don’t ask questions, don’t tempt fate, lets play being happy, lets pretend we’re mates.

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Page1. A Gangsters Diary

by Keithson Bradshaw

I walk these streets I’m on the prowl
I wear my screw face so you know what’s going down
Love waxes... cold I need you to fear
Because that’s the only way I know you will acknowledge me

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no light

by kelly gardner

Theres no light at the end of the tunnel,
all alone in my life or so it seems,
I push everyone away and so it is true,
My life aint like how it is in my dreams.

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by Kevin Corcoran

As I sit here by the window
Madness unfolds below
People rushing here and there
With endless places to go.

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Fox and the Blustery Day

by Kevin Wood

Fox hunts bright and early,
Usually into Fivers Wood.
Oaks there are heavy and burly,
But prizes are tasty and good!

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