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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by Nathalie Friel

Flung out, pushed out, spat out,
To face the cold, unforgiving reality.
Without guided focus and direction,
Aimlessly attempting to form ties.

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No Longer Tied to a State of Mind

by Niamh Lynam

No longer tied to a state of mind

Trapped no more inside

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by Niccolò Matteucci

There won't be any rain
able to make us drown,
there won't be any snow
able to make us soffocate

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by Niccolò Matteucci

Finally I’m back home
finally I
crossed the storm
it doesn’t matter I’m alone

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by Niccolò Matteucci

I don't care what you believe in
I don't hail to any king or queen
I don't believe in the original sin
it grows in the world we live in

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Black Onions

by Nicholas Shurmer

Chopped, peeled and sliced,
scattered in a hot pan the onions,
that were red,
now turning acrid black,

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Palm Sunday

by Nigel McBride

By God’s grace
I manage to switch from noun to verb
Looking for my tools in the half-light in the bird song and the tunes that chasten me.

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by Nilanjana Sanyal

In the future, will we
Live on Mars?
Discover another universe?
In the future, will we

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by Noel Sevilla

Do not step into the sea for fun.
Try to show a little more respect
for people who by a wave were swallowed
and whose voices of anguish,

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What Is This Thing Called Love?

by Norma Allan

You know when you love and when you are loved,
But how do you know and how does it show?
Is it perfection or beauty or brains?
High moral character? No, none of these things.

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