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About 80% of the participants in the 2010 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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German Lessons

by Paul Allport

Oh God, I’m so tired of you!
I’m so tired of this world,
I’m so tired of these people, you know the ones
People you can’t describe.

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Blue Light 6

by Paul de Aragon

One Two;
In an ever Defining curve
Sea Race
Unto in Another

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by Paul Hamilton

Up high wires, suspending old beliefs, a crow caws then drop
its head.
Fascinated by repletion, drawn in winged movement, she
watches below,

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by paul mcguire

My spirituality is like a tide, it ebbs and flows;
it flows out to the great unknown needing to know ,
and then it retreats back to the great big ocean of being,
both worlds have their beauty...parents of the paradox.

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by Peter Taylor

People sit at my feet and eat sandwiches,
I stand firm against their bended spines.
They leave offerings of metal cans and plastic wrappings,
My feet cannot kick them away, I cannot move.

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Wootton Bassett

by Peter Taylor

A one-armed man is clapping against his thigh
Underneath a purple-clouded burgundy sky.
The hearses move in convoy past passers-by,
Young men sent to a pointless war to die.

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Mirror Man

by Peter Taylor

Our eyes meet and we make a connection,
Although sometimes it can be a painful business.
Mirror man lives on the bathroom wall
Thinking that I am indeed the lucky one

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by Polly Hall

These dragons don’t breathe fire.

They circle their prey,
pick out young naïve morsels,

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