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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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What if these folk woke up

by Kathryn Nixon

from the medium of paint
and canvas?
Clueless as to why
they had gathered here,

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I'll write my way to heaven

by Kathy Brown

I’ll write my way to heaven,
Of everything that steals my heart,
My pen will flow upon an endless page,
For writing is my art.

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by katie brown

I can see my whole life from here,
The charcoal outline of the trees,
The faded shading of lines beneath his eyes.
Four different shades of blue are reflected in eyes that long to be brown.

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by Katrina Miller

Azay le Azay
Le Rideau le Rideau
The elegance of the water gleaming at me
Grants me the vision of a place so unlike the earth that lies before me

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by Keeley Hickin

Drifting in my head
through this natural puzzle
as I float out on the water

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by Keeley Hickin

With bulb and with soil, enrich this dear soul
Sunlight spray this earth, bringing sprout to fore
Let life to this body, to tend thee to chore
To glow and rise in this bedded pot-hole

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Time. Unnoticed.

by Kes Ede

Don't talk about life as if I were never here
Stop breathing the heavily emptied words
that tumble confused out of your mouth.
Vocabularisation. Nonsensificant.

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Reflections at sunset

by Kieran Conrad

Private thoughts and memories dwell,
the happy ones make teardrops well
to stand and say goodbye for now
is hard to bear, because somehow.

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Lonely reality

by kiersten pike

alone is such a sad tone of word to hear. once you experience this word, you wish you never heard that never heard that you never ever wanted to hear, but when you looking the mirror it's onlyyou but when you are alone who will be there ? to make sure you are entertained, the main person you always see by your side? Me myself and I? Huh, there's only one person out of the aton that will make sure you aresafe and that's the lord above me.But youwill always beMe, Myself ad I at the end of the road.Well that's what i call and always will be called lonely reality

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The Creator

by Kim Lofthouse

Grey concrete -
Blank and begging
To be transformed
Into a life,

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