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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Are you sure?

by Michele Pithey

Why not?
Who said?
Is it true?
According to who?

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The Geographical Horror

by Michele Walker

I did my best in class
But it wasn’t good enough
I was the “scrubber lass”
It was oh so tough

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The Crying Child

by Michelle Cooper

There are children out there that need to be rescued
Be in our arms, rock them to sleep catch their tears with a tissue
Abuse, Neglect no child should ever go through
I am sure we all wish we could do more, don’t you?

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A promise of Love

by Mikael Levan

If I was the wind, I would kiss you each night
and whisper sweet words in your ear.
If you were the earth would you then guide my flight
open your roads,

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His daughter's harbinger

by Mike Toohey

A pale blue banner, this November dawn:
where land meets air the light is moving in.
The moon, a lamp of frosted glass, has drawn
subtle shadowlines all night; my skin

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by Nadia Meksem

What is my identity?
Am I loud?
Talking to others and being able to

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Wonderful world

by Nadia Meksem

The beautiful
mountains are standing still
Across the
oceans and stony hills

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The World of Isolation

by Nadia Meksem

Can you see
the leaves of the trees?
calmly onto the ground

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A Raven's Cry

by Nassma Al Bahrani

She stood quietly, grave digging
Up on the tree, a raven singing
Looking below, on a dim star's fate
A funeral, like a sad clown's parade

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The Glass Ceiling

by Natalie Moores

It is getting too crowded down here.
Drenched in condensation
hot, plump breasts squeak like wet rats
against the glinting, purple glass.

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