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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Poetry is Dead Is It? (Dead poets Society irony)

by Robert Jennings

Poetry is dead is it?

Oh we may yet see

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One Last Request

by Robert Wetton

I have one last request- I always do,
But this last thing I ask of you,
Will pose no challenge- will ask no ill,
Will not be written in my will.

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by Ruby Cooper

This restful morning,
Sheets tossed back,
And curtains alike,
Little me

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by Ruth Strachan

Summer has lingered too long,
now Autumn's running late

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I want to be a poem

by Safi Hyder

I want to be a poem
to visit at once my innate spirit and the hidden soul
but after uncovering the shell that has gone totally sore
gravely hampered by the futile and mundane chores

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Tears in the rain

by Sami Huttunen

I´ve been laying sleepless,
feels like for a hundred years
been fighting the phantoms of the present
been awake trough the dreams of tears

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The Game

by Samuel Whiteside

The first two points you take with ease,
Thirty love, this is a breeze,
The next point passes in a flash,
Opponent takes it with a smash,

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The Lawman

by Samuel Whiteside

Behind his desk in leather chair,
Crisp white shirt and combed back hair,
The lawyer sits all eyes and ears

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Little boy

by Santino charles Omoighe

I’m the little boy that sits in the corner, distant fromreality
I have no fact I says to my self
One day they will talk to me, One day they will notice me

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His Invisible Letter

by sarah margaret crouch

There is a glint in his eye,
That reflects in his glasses.
A sensible jumper is questioned,
As he carries a tea cup with no saucer.

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