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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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Lovers Lament

by Anita Turner

Where rays are captured by
early breeze
And beds are sheltered by
shady trees

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by Anjali Desai

She walks amidst
Some hundreds of strangers,
Chaos dominates white coffee and tempting chocolate

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Tooth and Claw

by Ann Dubaic

Reek of corruption on the steaming track,
as the slug clasps the trod worm in a
heaving embrace;
wasp impregnates grub

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by Anna Galkina

Bite, softly, with incisors,
sink them in to break the skin,
tear it off, badly. Leave crescent gouges
in sweet flesh.

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Sir Ade of the Glade

by Anna Whitehouse

Our tale begins with a jug full of mead,
and a rosy-cheeked knight on a handsome white steed.

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A Childs Lament

by anne byrne

Spitting streaks amongst the grey
This child dismays at youths decay
As subtle hints of change confuse

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Number 18

by Annie Hicks

Twenty four packets of sweating sausages
Sit in a fridge which is not switched on.
Fifteen blocks of butter keep the company
Of the sudating sausages.

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To betray; To be betrayed…

by Antonia Kirby

To betray;
To be betrayed…

To slay;

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Meet Ana

by Antonia Kirby

These secret thoughts re-emerge,
between morn and nigh -
a sip, a bite, a sigh;
The urgency to purge

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Little Hands, Little hearts

by Ashwini Sridhar

Her little hands blistered
Her little fingers bleeding
She works on her knees
Big eyes, pleading

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