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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by Geraldine Walsh-Whiteside

Like soldiers of knowledge
Standing side by side,
Each one containing
A special mission of surprise!

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Mischief on the Move

by Gillian Goodacre

Oh just remember when
Such a short time ago
You were such a tiny man
In a super tummy sack

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by Gordon Kuhn

I had a friend who went away
she never said how long she’d stay
I bought a rose and placed it where

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Perfect Conversation

by Greg Hamlin

Our sex is like the perfect conversation
with touch, breathe and climaxes as punctuation,
Pull up a pillow

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Virginal compulsory, torrid fleece

by Gunnar Stansson

Indubitably a consort of any gender or genus shall Never trace my onerous crux, though pulsating in Congruence with the Devonian Cephalopod's Industrious chromatophores; am I to preform an Extracton from my torso to found an easier Rummage, or rather dine in the depths to ensare my Ink spewing, jet Propulsioned corresponding mate ? To inquire after my longing loins and cuddle my Clemency is there one, a kiss to envelop my temples And an incessant amalgamation to liberate my Chaste quintessence? Within this perpetual orb Teeming with subsistence how have none roved Nigh? If only all were inclined to my lack, and Fathomed my thirst, perhaps then the suitors would Stream, to lift me from the crestfallen hollow of the Aloof unto a prairie of vivacity, where the redeemer Favors the firmament* and munificence functions as Precepitation; lest I auspiciously rouse in that Interminable metropolis with her twelve entries, Even she is connubial, to a copious even, categorically She shall not be converted by any other by any Procedures, stringent tangibility keeping fatuous Objectives away, missiles and darts sold. And so, what Shall transpire unto the flummoxed boy of penury, Who absorbs affection from the untold acme just, Never to have lain down? Shall a lass descend from The cosmos alloted to my carnal diversions, one Emancipated from the burly clutchces of the Unbound abstruse expressly fashioned for my Mandate? Or else, the heart persists in airs until my Breath utterly recedes, atop my breast a quiescent White stone bequeathed; ostentatious cadaver!

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by Guy Arnold

Muddy hands, and soil on his trousers
from a hard day’s rummaging in flower beds, my son
waddles into the kitchen with a bucket.

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Adventure Playground

by Guy Arnold

The chair was cheap, muddy brown and thinly
stuffed with tea-coloured padding. He’d sit there

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Making love on planet earth

by Gwen Williams

As a race
they are obssessed with love
which they fabricate secretly in pairs
and occasionally threes.

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