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About 44% of the participants in the 2011 poetry competition wished their poems to remain viewable on the website. Check these out here:

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by Rienzi Gokea

So here I was, sitting in the room.
A cacophony of thoughts bouncing around my head,
the pens scratching away,
the entire class expressing the most

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by robert dale

If her eyes be crafted by Ra, then her pupils be the Sun.
And to cup her bosom would be to gild it with gold,
Or to hear her music, a betrothal of rhyme,
Formed by her beauteous lips, like roses, to match,

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Riverside Reverie

by robert dale

At the creek where the river paths its way to the horizon
I build a wooden frame: a living catalyst or compass
Or a fanciful mesh of twigs and string
Woven with childish dreams and idealisms.

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The Parting

by Robert Griffith

We parted at the end becoming closer than some
Fraught with what went and what is to come
Miss you as words refuse to describe
Feelings and loss collide and imbibe

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Poetry is Dead Is It? (Dead poets Society irony)

by Robert Jennings

Poetry is dead is it?

Oh we may yet see

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One Last Request

by Robert Wetton

I have one last request- I always do,
But this last thing I ask of you,
Will pose no challenge- will ask no ill,
Will not be written in my will.

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by Ruby Cooper

This restful morning,
Sheets tossed back,
And curtains alike,
Little me

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by Ruth Strachan

Summer has lingered too long,
now Autumn's running late

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