Poetic Republic Poetry Prize 2012 is open for entries

30.01.2012 Poetic Republic Poetry Prize 2012 is open for entries

The Poetic Republic Poetry Competition 2012 is open for entries. The deadline is 30th April 2012.

The 2012 prize has been extended into the creation of a unique collaborative eBook publication.  In addition to poems, the publication will feature the best comments left during the judging process.

The other significant change this year is that comments (against the top 4 poems in a group of 12) have been made compulsory. This should improve the quality of ratings, give participants much more feedback and give participants a clear idea how far their poems have progressed.

Raising funds for this year’s event was a tough though worthwhile process. We thank Arts Council England for supporting the development of the event for a second year. Over half the budgeted income is planned to come from entry fees.

The entry fee of £7 is the price of a cinema ticket in the UK yet allows participation in a fascinating event over several months.

Entering the competition is hands on support for the development of an innovative idea.

Enter online: Poetry Competition 2012