eBook update: 1,404 poems received this year

23.07.2012 eBook update: 1,404 poems received this year

1404 poems were received from 786 participants. Poets hailed from 50 different countries.

This year the effect of making commenting compulsory alongside voting significantly increased the number of comments on poems to 9542 (from 1540 comments last year). This means that there is a wealth of material to draw from in compiling the eBook.

The winning poem received 208 comments (compared to the winning poem last year which received 28 comments).

Of course, given the nature of the process, the distribution of comments is uneven and a proportion of poems will receive no comments. This is a good reason for participants to find something to say about some of the poems that they don’t rank. And of course in the act of finding something to say we may realise that we have overlooked positive qualities.

The results of the judging have now been reviewed. The review comprises extracting pivot tables and graphs of voting information together with a good reading of the comments on the poems. The two aspects of review complement each other and together drive forward our understanding of the judging process.

We are now pulling together the eBook (obtaining biographies and selecting comments). The shortlisted poets have all kindly agreed to split the task of selecting comments.

The selection of poems comes directly from the judging in round two (carried out in May).

The Poetic Republic Poetry Prize is a large, distributed, anonymous peer review process. The aim of the eBook is to capture the essence of that process and articulate what we can learn from the process.

During the judging process participants also had the opportunity to comment on the process of taking part itself. Just over 500 comments were received. These comments will be formally reviewed and lessons learned will be incorporated into the dénouement of next year’s event.

Over 5,000 people have now registered at Poetic Republic.

We are on target to publish the eBook and announce the winners in October 2012 as planned.