Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Amanda Hassett

Shall I look upon the moon? I might..
I WILL one day, but not tonight.
And I must shelter from the sun
Her gentle rays now seem to burn

The stars can hide behind their cloud
They  know their light is not allowed
To shine on me unwelcome light
Reminding me of you tonight

Deep in the dark I shed my skin
Peer cautiously at what's within
Surprised to find in deepest night
That I am blinded by the light

No darkened soul, no jealous mind
But peace and love is what I find
I am humbled by the feelings there
How can I shame because I care?

I will not ask your light for me
I will not take what is not free
and you can't give, or take, what's mine
For I am a star, and I will shine.

Added: 24.12.2008