Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

My Pal Reggie

by Zelda James

My pal Reggie is a hit with the girls
He uses cheap aftershave and has had his hair permed
No Calvin Kleins for him
The y-fronts just won't do
He wouldn't be seen dead in those brief things
His Del Boy specials from the market
Just raise Hullaballoo!

He drives a clapped out motor
He's always breaking down
Especially in those country lanes
knowing no-one else's around!

'Ce Sera', he says 'C'est la Vie'
'What will be ' my friend, 'will be'
No worry-lines he has
Just a wide, cheeky grin
A knowing look,a wink of an eye
Sees the last of him!

My pal Reggie is a winner with the girls!

Added: 08.01.2009