Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

the 10pm advert

by chris dommett

  Have you seen that promotional program?
It tells you what the trends of the times are
Like murder, drugs and sex.
It shows great graphic scenes
And explains what happened that day
And how to achieve your goals in life.
It provides info
On what to wear such as hoodies
And said that most people my age carry knives.
From now on I'll need protection,
It's not safe to go out
Unless I'm kitted up apparently.
The program is so enticing
It just draws you in,
Every night it's on at the same time,
It's almost a soap.
It lets us know what's hip
So we can rest easy
For knowing how to be cool.
It even shows dead bodies,
You don't get to see that very often.
They create such a thirst for blood.
The nerds rant and rave about it
And make themselves look stupid on TV.
My mum says I've got the wrong end of the stick
But I don't think so
It just all seems so wicked.
I know,
I think I'll put their techniques into practice tomorrow,
It would be wrong not too,
It's just so amazing
Plus it will improve my street cred
And just think,
I could get famous.

Added: 15.01.2009