Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by jackie kelly

Young man fidgets,touches his clammy forehead
restless, anxious, he slides out of bed
dresses quickly, on with his shirt,
rooms in a mess, he ignores the dirt

Dont care anymore, other things on his mind
needs something quickly to help him unwind
He calls to his friends comes straight to the point
got any pills, will you roll up a joint?"

Things seem better just now, but not for much longer,
each day passes by he needs something stronger
Nothing else seems to matter, nothing he does
replaces the kick, the thrill or the buzz.

Does he know what they're thinking, his family, his friends?
as they watch his life wasted as he slowly depends
on uppers, downers, speed and on coke,
always restless, foever broke.
He cheats on his friends, scrounges from his brother,
lies to his sister, avoids his Mother.

Young man lives in a dream world, his head in a cloud,
depressed when he's alone, paranoid in a crowd.
His eyes are haunted,gaunt, glazed,he stares into space,
down one more pill, pop the cap into place.
He doesn't know where he's going as he follows life road,
when he reaches the end his fate will unfold.

Added: 15.01.2009