Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

When We Became One

by Sara Syed

I stood there dazed, as I could not believe
it all seemed like a dream until the touch of his tender lips
knocked my breath away.

Such powerful emotions surged through my veins
Trembling, I said, "I love you John. Don't you ever go away"
It seemed more like a plea, but it was something I prayed,
For to be with someone I loved, led my life to a whole new way.

I closed my eyes and caressed his back; putting his lips to mine
he said he would always stay. I let out a moan as he went into me.
My first time, I swore he was all I ever wanted to see.
Tears trickled down my face, but I didn't know why.

Even the pain that was linked to the rhythm our bodies played seemed pleasant.
I had never felt that hunger before; together we finished, body and soul.
I could not put what I felt into words; it was like being truly in love.

To want someone so much, that only their touch said a million words.
We lay in bed with his arms around my neck, and today is something I believe
We would never forget.

It made us one; it made us forever.

Added: 17.01.2009