Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

The Common Restless Visionary

by Thomas Haley

Your latest and
Your greatest plan
Lays cooling on the sill
Prey to sticky fingers
And slight-of-hand
And skill.
Though you keep strange companies
And yell with all the criers
Satiety is, in you
Restlessness inspires.

The man who built his house
Upon unsteady sands
Ministers your industry
With erratic ceaseless hands.

The cars that rule the roadways
Are subservient to him
The King of all the Stowaways
That taught the birds to sing.
This Gentleman
Is sweetly sung
If you heard him
You’d agree
His godsend vocal vision
Might inspire the blind to see.

A loyal friend in plenty
And in nothing – all the more
The man who made a home
Of an ever shifting shore.

Time the great deceiver
Has made fools
Of wiser men
But few could wait for longer
Than has my closest friend.
And the bearded man will tell you,
Yolk dribbling to his chin:
Patience is a virtue
But killing time a sin.

Added: 21.01.2009