Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

La Fotografia

by Gabrielle Lockwood

Click, snap, a moment is captured,
But is reality reflected or is it just fractured?
You're intrigued and curious about the culture,
But is dignity maintained when you snap like a vulture?
La fotografia.
Chaotic traffic, ladies cooking in the street,
You see similar shots from the tourists you meet.
Yet your adventures are your own and you don't want to forget,
So you click and increase your own personal set,
La fotografia.
A look, an expression, can tell a story,
Losses and love, hope and glory.
But with a photo you won't smell the place,
Nor hear the noise of the insects or feel the heat on your face,
La fotografia.
And yet how wonderful photos are,
Exposing souls of people at home and on shores afar.
We all get to see a moment of life through the same lens,
Sharing experiences quickly among family and friends,
La fotografia.
A building will probably not change a lot,
But a photo evokes feelings you may have forgot.
You see beyond the stones and remember the day,
The weather, the people and what they had to say,
La fotografia.
You can lose yourself in a picture and add your own words,
You can imagine the context and the songs from the birds,
You can meet the people time doesn't give you the chance to see,
You can be thrown into the heart of a country and its' history,
La fotografia.
Of course there are moments when a camera's not at hand,
Like unexpectedly seeing a crab crawl out of the sand.
Or the views from a beach on an early morning run,
An evening walk with a stunning setting of the sun.
But these are the pictures you can lock in your mind,
And recall them when the world seems cold and unkind.
You can use them to bring a smile to your face,
Once more allowing moments gone by to be embraced,
La fotograifa.

Added: 22.01.2009