Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by Janet Turner

You believe in God, so you tell me,
One loving, omnipotent power
Who formed the earth and the great, wide sea,
Every animal, insect and flower.

And mankind (man-what?) has dominion,
(According to you, in your pride
And your arrogant, lofty opinion),
Over all living creatures world-wide.

So you Lord it o'er all God's creation,
You kill and destroy as you please,
And Nation wreaks war upon Nation
'Til Justice is brought to its knees.

What creature compares with your evil?
What animal kills its own kind?
Do you follow your God or the Devil?
What goes on in your Modern Man's mind?

The dinosaurs' era is long past,
Other animals too had their time,
But how long will modern mankind last
Before God has enough of their crime?

We were told to support one another,
To care for each other with love,
But still man kills sister and brother,
And ignores God's commands from above.

God's judgement must soon be upon us,
To cleanse earth and start up anew.
A meteor perhaps, or a virus,
And mankind's brief rule will be through.

What creatures will then be created
To dominate this brand-new sphere?
Will man be so utterly hated
That the dinosaurs will re-appear?

Added: 23.01.2009