Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Gazza with one "Z"

by Dan Gee

When did it all start to melt down?
Those wonderful feet became chequered,
with blood filled fat cheeks where
the laces came loose and the boots fell off.

If things stayed black and white like in your youth
then padded cells, straightjackets and booze
could have been constrained.
But the stars were bright and shone shady light.

"Back at the start when you created this
the foundations seemed so strong" oh so wrong
You just laid the ground
We built the towers

The headlines of fame and stranger handshakes
and Spiderman venom, coloured in blue
just seperate you from the rest.

But wait!
            Rehab is through the iron door!
Peace has awoke to the war! but the
guns sing underground
The TV blares out loud.

Broken dentist chairs and orphaned children
Wasted chances and disposable dreams
Like a world flicked overhead
You're Gazza with one Z.

Added: 02.02.2009