Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Would you be my one and only

by mejd Jaber

Would you ever think to ask me out,
Would you take me to a movie,
Would you dare your-self to hold my hand in-front of your ‘mates',
Would you really take me on a date,
I always thought you'd be there for me,
I always thought you cared,
But what I really knew, is that you loved ‘her'
I just want to say one thing,
Shouldn't you be there when I need you,
Should I have to call you every now and then,
Do you think we were made for each other,
Do you just think we shouldn't got through this pain,
I guess you have broken my heart,
Really I thought you loved me,
But what I really wanted to say was
               ‘Would you be my one and only'

Added: 03.02.2009