Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Chasin Fiery Tigers

by David Swan

I chase fiery tigers tails
Sometimes I burn my fingers
I cool my fingers in turqouise waters
while the emerald jewels of the lake
wink at my reflection.

Fiery tigers they have many tails
and are longer than my dad
they stretch across hungry skies
that hug me then sneak off into space

Fiery tigers like to call my name
they invite me out to dance
In a trance my feet twist and turn
hypnotised my hands twist and shake
as I pirouette across the desert floor.

By night time I've grown tired
of chasin fiery tails
So I sleep on the desert floor
A desert fox keeps the wind from me
Stars become my bed time light.

When I sleep I dream of fiery tigers
They sing and dance to tempt me
and in my dreams I can fly
so I chase fiery tigers across the sky
they try to hide behind the stars
but in my dreams they can not stop.

I chase them till the ends of space
where a million tigers are running
Their long fiery tigers tails light up
the edges of the universe
as they endlessly eat into space...

Added: 03.02.2009