Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

My Grandfather

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Tears shed, his presence missed
Yet mingled with joyful streams
A life bursting, every moment experienced
Well beyond his three score and ten
His death put life into perspective
Previous priorities, now unimportant
The length of his days put them to shame
In the light of his years
Fears shown to be mere shadows
Unafraid he lived life
Achieved in hard times
Fought battles that were real
Making my obstacles anthills
My reasons, excuses
Almost unconsciously my resolve strengthens
Fuelled by the legacy he left behind
Encouraged by his blood in my veins
Though I do not carry his name
A life that bore fruit in abundance
His memory thus remains
His existence ever present in the living
Evident in the smile of his son
Radiant in the eyes of his grandchild
Captured forever in the heart of loved ones

Added: 04.02.2009