Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Not Cliché

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Love, more then emotion
It's description overly used being abused
Yet it's true meaning remains
Eternal & long suffering
Confused with the cheap imitation
Often muttered in a sexual embrace
The difference noticed
Only when passion ends & interest fades
Love, more than the palpitations felt
When he walks in the room
Lasting beyond the dissipation of heat
And the subsiding of laboured breath
Love, the smoothing of differences
Buffers the annoyance of another's habits
Turning them from barely tolerable to endearing
Allowing unconditional acceptance
Repositioning the importance of self
Love, not independent of effort or time
A successful agreement when wills are combined
Rewarding when truly understood
Treasured when realized it is by God defined
Love, I have for him
Strengthens vows made that day
Fuels forgiveness after tempers flare and patience frayed
Surpasses hair turning from black to grey
Not dull longevity but passion infused
Still glazes eyes and quickens breath
Still triggers flutters within my chest

Added: 04.02.2009