Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Long distance

by Belle Keelson-Anfu

Still for you this nameless feeling
Makes a fool of my intelligence
For I am unable to comprehend
This place within me that you now stand
No less real than defined emotion
It causes me to long for you wholly
Unreasonably relentless in its quest
This no name emotion lacks not potency
For even across an atlantic expanse
The soothing tones of your sensual voice
Elicit a smile adjusting my temperament
Warming the trail left by your fingertips
Eyelids close at the tactile memory
Necessary beats miss their turn
Disoriented by all that is you
Your form undeniably attractive, enticing
Matched only by the content of your mind, your heart
No definition
No name
Yet so compelling
Once obedient thoughts wander again to you

Added: 04.02.2009