Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Life & Stress

by Brian Wood

I used to go to work each day
I often wore a dress
some folk think I'm a bit strange
but I know it's just the stress!

They talk of blue sky vision
or would it meet the acid test?
the only training I got was a collision course
they told me it was stress!

The doctor gave me some yellow pills
to help me with my sleeping
I would have preffered a pay rise
to help me with my drinking!

I refused to give my life to the tredmill
whilst driving the buiness forward
or to leap out of a window of opportunity
whilst being commercially awkward!

I've now found the love of my life
who has pulled me out of the feaces
but if she new I wore her dress
she would go to flipping pieces!

Added: 05.02.2009