Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Why is a body bag Black?

by Brian Wood

They talk of wisdom and the love of God
and the troops out there doing a wonderful job
they've got to be found there's no turning back
but why is a body bag Black?

He stood on trial for the slaughter of others
they caught up with him and killed his sons and brothers
he fell through a trap door hands tied behind his back
they put him in a body bag but was it Black?

When will the nations see sense
and stop sitting on the barbed wire fence
lets put some more tyrants on the rack
but this isn't why a body bag is Black!

Please stand pround it was not a sin
be ready to receive your next of kin
dont bury them and turn your back
return to sender the body bag of Black!

In Guantanamo bay receiving the cosh
Blair and Bush in election whitewash
dont question the cause it's alright Jack
but if you still need to know why a body bag is Black!

It's because of the war in Iraq!

Added: 06.02.2009