Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Conflict Resolution

by William Robinson

I heard someone say
in the street,
the other day that it was
“In our nature, as the human race
to start war.”

I disagreed and
said “ Speak
for yourself
it is in my nature
to preserve peace, help the poor.”

“You’re kidding yourself”
he replied “your
riddled with
the desire for more.”

Such a pessimistic
view, I thought,
but said aloud
“so you agree
with the conflicts, in Gaza or Darfur?”

Shocked he replied
“So neither is it in your nature,
to support killing in the name of
personal gain, or to put your

trust in those
concerned not with
the wellbeing of their people,
but how to exploit them
in the name of the law?”

At this point he turned away,
I agreed, conflict resolution
is simple, what is gained through
victory but the opportunity for
another war. It is not always
necessary to settle the score.

Added: 11.02.2009