Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Where the sun lies down with the wind and the rain.

by William Robinson

“Why does the sun leave? and where does it go?”
sinking slowly over the horizon, tinting the sky with red
sinking slowly under the soil, trimming the clouds with gold.
“It goes to join the wind, where it sleeps when it does not blow”

“But where is that? And why does it leave at all?”
leaving the rocks cold and the night without light
leaving the sky starred by constellations blossoming in the dark.
“It goes to join the rain, where it rests when it does not fall”

“But the rain rests in the river, and the wind sleeps in the valley”
gone but for a soft glow at the edge of the deepening blue
gone but for traces of day lining the edge with orange.
“It is not a place to which you can walk like the river, you see”

“It rests in a different sky to ours”
“and lights the land over the horizon”
“but it leaves us only in darkness, could we not share one dawn?”
“for we would both share dusk, and where would the sun go to then?”

Added: 11.02.2009