Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Shafilea: Life in Duty

by maliha neesa

A cry for help unheeded
Apathy where love was needed,
I never knew you, yet I am your mourner.
Another sacrifice given up to honour.

The trees, the flowers, the river
Where you lay,
All have a story to tell
A part to play.

Promises slowly fading away,
A shining star, trapped, kept at bay
Nature in it's fickle kindness,
Protected you in it's wilderness.

Hopes, dreams, wishes,
stealthily stolen,
The watching, whispering, rustling,
Grows quietly sullen.

Cold skin, in colder water,
Drifting, ebbing, your are now nature's daughter,
Once full of ambition, a loving beauty,
Discarded, denied life for the sake of duty.

Added: 11.02.2009