Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009


by sophie king

 Standing at the crossroads at dawn
Sun straining to melt tiny droplets
Of nightime tears
On the dewy grass
Take a step
Grass underfoot feels moist
Breezeless sky in honeysuckle blues
Feels tender on my cheek
Kisses my eyelids
Unstumbling over crags
A stain seeps
From my bloodied feet
Pain resonates
Winds its way through my veins
Pushed by the drag of knowing
An unrelenting heart
Whose beat is strong
So I stagger, climb, run
Find a place to heal
Wear new shoes
That neither cut nor pinch
Walk tall on a meandering road
Sun beat
Pulsating in hope
An open book lies abandoned
Its pages turning in the storm
Above the valley
Looking on obstacled paths
Hazardous trails
Continue their fateless journey
And I stronger with wisdom
Hoist my backpack
Shield my face
Decision was made

Added: 12.02.2009