Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Sanction My Portrayal

by Daniel Mendes

Dear God Talk to me
Can you tell me a story?
Of how my life maps out
So I don't need to worry
Please reassure me I'm going to live comfortably
Set up home where loves shown throughout my family

Wont you come talk to me?

Put your hand on my shoulder, say:
'The struggles not to be a part of my Great Grand Kids future'
Promise me they're soon to discover a cure for my people of Africa
There's a end to the suffer
Civilization meets 'The Mother'

Tell me
'War's going to become like a myth from the past'
We can't believe it happened
Because we got peace at last
I hear people will stop thinking just of self
The rich wised up
Learnt where to channel their wealth
So there's a answer to the millions that remain poor
Some don't turn to crime in despiration no more

Then can you look me in the eyes
Tell me it's true
'Demise to child cruelty assaults and abuse'
The streets are no longer the stage for coldness, lack of mercy
Crime was the past the future's peace, harmony

I beg as our conversation reaches its finale, you say:
'When your heart completes its last beat
There's no need to worry...
You and your loved ones go ever so peacefully
To be amongst me is your destiny'

Added: 14.02.2009