Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2009

Blood Stains

by Daniel Mendes

Drama in the street
The victim's blood sprayed
Made puddle on the concrete
It was cleaned the next day
Soon it moved from the front to back of our memory
Then on went the cycle of a troubled community
But what if the stains remained
To remind us of our fallen society

Road accident
Boy in critical condition, car doing over 40
It happened fast...
Then everything went slowly
The boys silent pain
"There's got to be change"
"Things can never be the same"
"People got to stop speeding in that damn bus lane"
But then they came... with this spray
Cleaned the blood away
They speeding again, like what happened, didnt happen
That day

Been said by many, Martin luther, Ghandi to Bob Marley
What's needed in this world is peace and unity
'Fantasy is what we want, but reality is what we need'
That's what Ms Lauryn Hill preached
We need to clean our heart
Before we clean the streets
If we have to see the blood until it covers all the floor
Maybe then it'll touch us permanently
To end this life long war

Added: 14.02.2009